Those unsung will always be forgotten—Be the change you want to see in the world

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In this still mostly patriarchal world there are things that only women can suffer severely.  So far the rescue operations mainly focus on starvation, and the children, but sex traffcicking gathers relatively smaller attention. I do not want to neglect these victims just because it is a much more sensational issue. Let’s say, the public care for the starved children because THEIR STORIES ARE BEING CIRCULATED AND TOLD, their sufferings are being recorded in documentaries so people can SEE THEIR SUFFERINGS IN REALITY, so the public start to care. However, no one would RECORD how the victims being sex trafficked are being raped endlessly by those dirty beasts, being locked in a kennel somewhere forgotten, and their sufferings being circulated on Youtube.


If there are such videos, no one would watch them, because these are MUCH TOO HARSH to accept than the starved children’s videos. But ironically, people tend to care for the less harshly deprived (I must say that the children are also very very in need of care; I’m a monthly donator for the children at UNICEF myself) just because no one is willing to face the problem bravely and BE MORE OPEN to talk about this more SENSATIONAL issue, not to shy away, so there are less REMINDERS for the public to remind them ” Hey, there are some deprived women need to be taken cared of”, that’s why less people think sex trafficking is a serious issue to deal with. This is HERD INSTINCT, if people don’t talk about it, no one talks about it. If there is one, just one person starts talking about the issue, people will follow. I think people should cultivate more critical thinking on what should or should not do, but not just follow what others are doing. Sadly, in a lot of modern cities, the educational systems still tend stuff you knowledge. Learning new knowledge is as important as developing analytical and critical thinking,  these two factors should be well-balanced in future education.

I also think that it is because sex trafficking is mainly the women who suffer, not both men or women to suffer together, that’s why only women can understand how terrible it is empathically, so, at least half the population in the world is not as enthusiastic on this issue.

Since very young, I thought I was one of the minority myself. A lot of my problems can rarely be experienced by most of the people; biploarity, health issues, strange family problems, and others that take hours to explain because they are rather out of ordinary. That’s why I am particularly sensitive about those sufferings from the “minority”, the lesser known, such as human trafficking. They are deals under the table. No one will understand your problem if you do not understand yourself, and cannot properly explain yourself, especially those “out-of-ordinary” problems. When most of the people haven’t gone through issues like you do, they won’t understand your suffering, not even bother to TRY TO understand. That’s why there should be someone, to stand out to voice clearly that problems they have, what they need, and how to solve them. If not, the public will continue to disregard, and just care about themselves.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.—- Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

From my experience, in order to invite people to understand me, I need to understand myself first. Then, people will be more open to understand me, and let go of their mental barriers, to be more EMPATHIC, OR SYMPATHETIC.

I wish in the future I will have chances to directly help those suffer from sexual abuse.

3 thoughts on “Those unsung will always be forgotten—Be the change you want to see in the world

  1. this one is totally brilliant post my dear… Nd maybe I am saying so only bcos today only I got chance to take a glance on ur blogs and this is amazing… This topic you picked,you know its way vry mature you picked it nd came with such a brilliant points.. I couldn’t agree more.. In fact to be honest,me myself hardly thought abt this one major problem of our society… . I must think abt it… Women can help women… Bt sadly not every women also would like to talk abt it,that’s d irony.. However I’m glad we stand out from such sick mentaliy cowards based society where with pleasure women can talk nd discuss abt daily soaps but would see sex trafficking topics way below their standard to talk abt or pay attention to.. . I wish every mugfis women think like you darling.. You’re rebel and rebel often bring some good changes. . Hope we could do it together. Thanks for richng your thoughts 🙂

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment!

      I look rebellious because I want to take an active role instead of being passive. I hope I am rebellious in a gentle and good way.

      It the habit of majority of us to wait for changes instead of building a new one ourselves, and change, no matter it’s a positive or negative one, can be painful in the beginning as we are too used to the old way.

      If no one starts something, there won’t be a beginning, and hence, the problem will always remain an open-and-public-secret, be it sex trafficking or other issues. But if there is one, just only one standing out, people will follow.

      I read too many news about that Kushi, and i know you are a really awesome young Indian woman who can definitely make a change in your homeland and lead the campaign!!!!!

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