Reply to Goldman Sachs Tweeter Says More American Kids Should Skip ‘Useless College Degrees’

Extract from this article: “We, as a society, do not hold blue collar jobs in high esteem and it is a shame. This country was built by people with blue collar jobs. One of the first things I hear when I tell people  about the plumbing business is that “it must be gross.” The idea that a person is only successful if they obtain a bachelor’s degree and go to work in business casual attire or better is insulting to the many people that never attended college and are very successful,” he says.
I think a person should study a college degree if she clearly understands why she needs that degree. Is this degree practical for her future career? Does she like the subject she is studying? Does that degree gain her a better social status that she needs? Or she has actually no idea of what she’s doing at all?
In Hong Kong there are a lot of parents they suffered from wars and poverty during their youth, and back then ‘getting a degree and be white collar’ is the best way out of that poor situation. However the situation has changed—especially for the richer countries. Without a degree is not the end of our lives, at least for the present society, and in my opinion, to be a successful person, one must be knowledgeable and masters the skill of thinking critically—this knowledge can’t be taught from mere textbooks from college. A person that never attends a college can be also very knowledgeable and wise. Most of the colleges only teach ‘facts and figures’, but rarely teach students ‘how to think on their own’.
I think a degree is still useful, but it’s not like ‘no degree, no life’, ‘no degree, you are lame’. I have heard too many of these kinds of opinions in Hong Kong, especial those over-generalizing and stereotyping others. Every person is unique, they are not commodities—– no one needs a tag on their collars.

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