Are Mentally-illed Just Blaming Failures On Their Illness? My response to a blog of Bipolar Disorder

symptoms of bipolar - Bipolar disorder symptoms
I am so happy to have discovered a well-organised blog full of great articles and assitance for people with Bipolar Disorder, or you say Manic Depressive. This blog is written by a BD patient gifted with expressing herself in words, and she is making the best out of unseen wars in her mind— becoming professional bloggers an inspirational speaker, sharing her stories and constructing very useful platforms and communities to gather people like her helping each other. Her name is Natasha Tracy.
As I was rolling through the website, there’s a blog generated a debate about whether mentally-ill just pretend that mental illness is incurable—are they shirking responsibilities to some imagined sickness, blaming their failures away?
I would love to express my view based on my experience as a BD (in the past)——
It depends on whether that person is TRUELY OR FAKING TO BE MENTALLY-ILL.   
My View:      Pseudo-Mentally-Ill VS Real-Mentally-Ill
In this debate, Pierre, is claiming mentally ill patients, including those with BD, are blaming their failures away and not facing their own faults by identifying themselves as having hardly-curable illnesses. He is supporting his standpoint by very motivational and inspirational well-written Zen comments such as those like “everyone is born to be happy, look for happiness inside, don’t try to tie own happiness to materialistic surroundings”.
I enjoy reading his comments because they are well-written like Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and other famous speakers who positively inspired me to stay away from self-destructive thoughts. I was once mentally masochistic 🙂 WHEN I WAS NOT HAVING BIPOLAR DISORDER. I was thinking negatively but I was able to learn to be positive and constructive.
However, these affirmations written by Pierre can only influence those with healthy mind and body who can VOLUNTARILY CONTROL themselves by CONSCIOUSLY taking actions and think positively. 
The Real-Mentally-Illed simply cannot control themseleves CONSCIOUSLY, just like me during age 18-21, when I was mostly in depressive mode of BD, which are the times when I was not able to control myself.
Real-Mentally-Ill cannot control themselves due to EXTREME IMBALANCE OF CHEMICALS IN THEIR MINDS AND BODIES.

can control themselves because they do not have or have very slight imbalance of chemicals, but they are blaming failures by forging excuses. 
For example, not all patients can be cured from diabetes no matter how healthy their lifestyle is due to aging. 
If you are a girl, you must have experienced MOOD SWINGS DURING MENSES/PERIODS, when you feel suddenly more depressed or irritated during the once-in-a-month bloody bleeding challengeWhy so? A shift of hormone balance. Girls, can you control youselves during those challenges? Okay, at least for me I can occasionally control how I REACT to how I am being overly-emotional, but I can very hardly control the way I FEEL
Being bipolar, from my experiencemeans having extreme and abnormal MENSES A FEW TIMES EVERY DAY, maybe 100 times more serious, or 200? 300? It depends on the patient. 
Personally from my experience, when I was in depressive mode, I was VOLUNTARILY trying to think positively, I CONSCIOUSLY understood that my life was great —— but why I was still extremely depressed and thought about dying all the time? MENTALLY I understood I am still young, I have potential, my parents are good as hell, but EMOTIONALLY I was extremely depressed and cried a lot. This is chemical imbalance you cannot change simply by thinking positively. 
Mind and body are inter-related, but once they are unbalanced in rather extreme ways, they
would become separated. Not everyone can think their way to cure cancer in their bodies.
Let’s revisit this phrase again: 
Psuedo-Mentally-Ill can control themselves because they do not have or have very slight imbalance of chemicals, but they are blaming failures by forging excuses. 
In this case, Pierre’s standpoint would be applicable. These pseudo patients can hire Tony Robbins guide their ways to enlightenment, what freaking ever. Try to do more physical exercise or meditate, which they certainly help. Dudes, I experienced my own recovery too, so I know what helps and what doesn’t.  
 walk under shoes
It’s not my style to be ironic, but I sincerely think psychic wards won’t exist if mental-illness can be cured simply by thinking positively.
People do not understand how patients feel because they never experienced it themselves, therefore they try to understand and explain from their own experiences, which I appreciate their effort, but they just NEVER WALKED UNDER THEIR SHOES. A great deal of opinions in this world are just like that, they look very genuine and logical, but they just don’t suit the specific situations they are refering to.
Some people with healhier mind and body see a reflection of themselves in the Real-Mentally-Ill, and because they never walked under their shoes, they tend apply theories which only workable on themselves on the RMI.
Same happen to millions of other conflicts in this world. 
If you enjoy this article or somehow dislike it, feel free to share, like or leave comments! Thanks! 🙂
Credits of photos to, Coaching4victory, E-Women

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