Is IQ fixed asset or variable? Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset

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Recently I have come across amazing articles about researches by professor Carol Wreck from Harvard University on Fixed and Growth Mindset when coming to learning. Here I’m gonna interpret her concept with my own digestion, and share with you my own ideas combining the professor’s insight.

Questions to answer:

Is Intelligence a fixed quantity?

Can IQ scores from IQ tests represent one’s intelligence throughout the whole life?

How does one’s belief that whether IQ is a variable or not affects her learning progress? Which one is a healthier concept?

Here is the brief explanation with possible results springing from both belief systems:
A fixed mindset means IQ cannot be changed throughout our lives. Our potential to develop capability/ability/talent is limited by inborn fixed intelligence, so improvement by further effort can be insignificant. Since birth our intelligence had been fixed, and so, for example, the same person would come…

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