The Thailand Stopover–​– A Therapy to My Soul (Chiang Mai)




As a well-trained science student, I always try to explain myself concisely in reader-friendly format. For people only interested in a part of this Thailand blog series, you can refer to the guide below to see which part you can skip! 🙂

Directory of Chiang Mai blog series

  • Why I am going to Chiang Mai? —- Listen to the Whisper of My Soul
  • Practical Information —-

Transport (Flight to Hong Kong, Bus/Boat trips to Laos, Cambodia and more)

Budget Stay


  • Chiang Mai Impression —-



I will separate above sessions into several blogs.




Why I am going to Chiang Mai? —- Listen to the Whisper of My Soul

I never knew I would visit Thailand again this March…I was mentally prepared to stay in Hongkong for at least a another year… but then everything changed.

Gosh, I missed a lot of cool gatherings in Hong Kong!

I was looking forward to March because I had a few important meetings in Hong Kong ( I was so much looking forward to the famous Japanese inspirational speaker and writer, he’s similar to Tony Robbins, who is a friend of his, but I could mot meet him because of the trip :'(((( ) also my French friend who hosted me in the romantic Provence in his winery was visiting me at the end of Febuary, together with other ‘valid reasons’, I hesitated to run away from HK again.

Oh, I am also just about to miss my cousin’s wedding!

But suddenly, I am understood something very important—- most of the ‘valid reasons’ for me not to travel again is just mental burden I impose on myself.

Two weeks ago, I was still hesitating for a lot of things for my life, passion, career, because I am so unpredictable that I don’t know what I gonna do next. That’s why I’m quite lost for my direction. I just quit my job, my parents are getting old so I am becoming the main breadwinner of the family… I need to create my own future base on limited resources I got. However these are not real reasons for me not to go to Chiang Mai and visit my friends.

Traveling to somewhere completely unknown is the best therapy to re-discover myself; getting lost in a new place do not have the same old buildings, same old foods, same old people, same old society, same rainy weather to keep reminding me of who I was, so it’s hard for me to construct a better, brand-new me.

I need a soul talk to my subconscious, but at the same time I unconsciously set up a lot of mental barriers for myself not to take that therapy. This is unconsciously masochistic. I am so glad I have decided to take this step to Chiang Mai.

People always get comfortable with the habits and thinking patterns cultivated when we live in one and only one society long enough, no matter good or bad ones. To break the habit, traveling is the best option.

When I try to take myself to the next level, my inertia is too enormous that I tend to stay in the present condition, even if I do not enjoy it. I even impose a lot of mental barriers for myself to stop me from changing the present condition to the direction I desire with self talks such as “I don’t have enough money”, “I am now wasting time on things that don’t worth”, “I’m fat and not tall enough”, “I don’t have a degree”, ” I need some more experience and read more books and study more before taking the next step”, and the list goes on.

Now I notice this secret self-talk. Toxic. Illogic.


That’s an interesting discovery, and I think a lot of people are unconscious of their tendency to “stay in the same place and condition even they don’t really enjoy it”. This is called masochistic equilibrium. (Note 1)

A Trip is the Magical Propellant of Learning Wisdom

In the moment i set foot upon the land of Chiang Mai, my knots in the stomach suddenly unfolded. The feeling of that very moment was: my insensible mental barriers are much relieved. I could feel it, but I need some more time out of Hong Kong so I can have more time to understand specifically what kind of barriers I lifted up.

The feeling is like: my sense of intuition is trying talk sense to my logic; my conscious self is trying to understand my subconscious.

I have borrowed some books about internal dialogue to soul, self-help books and some practical guidelines hopefully to inspire myself for my next steps, just like what Martin Luther King saidk. Afterall, Chiang Mai is a very leisure-oriented Buddhist city. I should take the best advantage of this city to contemplate and meditate.

My goal is not to make friends here; I was planning to be a elusive phantom pervades a part of me everywhere in the atmosphere. Nonetheless, interesting people keep popping up who either they want to talk to me or I want to talk to them. That’s nice.


In the next blog I will give an overview of my impression towards Chiang Mai!The link is here:





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