Tasty of Italy ~ A Buffet by Langham Hotel

Some people might mistake Langham Hotel as Langham Place, but the former is where the lovely Italian dinner buffet I indulged in, situated at 8 Peking Road TST, while Langham Place is a shopping mall with Cordis Hotel under its management.
12903546_798383606958918_241198209_o (1)
Despite an overwhelming number of Italian restaurants in Hongkong, I have rarely been to something other than a la carte or just a plain flat set meal. This Taste Of Italy dinner buffet has allowed me a precious opportunity to fully indulge in not only unlimited Italian gourmet but also representative dishes from India, China with generous supply of raw oysters at seafood bar.

I was already impressed when I set foot in Langham Hotel, where they greeted me with chilling live music at the lounge as a head start. The second thing I noticed was how beautiful the entrance of The Food Gallery is —- bright and shiny white-marble decor with a slightly inclined corridor leading your way to the reception.

12894529_798385626958716_433893681_o (1)

In brief, foods are amazing, especially the staff are unbelievably attentive, courteous and helpful. They volunteer to serve and guide me on food options, and even be able to kick up a hot chat on Italian cheeses. I was impressed with the chef’s knowledge on cheeses, he even remembered all the cheeses names in Italian.


Before 4th April there would be a 25% off discount (which I noticed from downloadable Openrice.com coupons), while original price is almost 600HKD with 10% service charge. There’s no time limit so you can enjoy as long as you wish and not to be nervous at the clock kicking.


Free flow prosecco or other wines available charging an extra 90-something to 170-something HKD. Tried the prosecco and it was up-to-standard. Oh BTW —-  Taste of Italy only lasts until the end of April.

Highlight of the buffet for me is definitely the crispy-skin golden pig. Usually at hotel buffet only roasted beef is served sliced for you on the wooden cutting board upon request. Surprisingly, The Food Gallery also has the option golden pig with super flavorful crispy skin in huge pieces attached to the succulent and tender meat. I ordered twice for that, and please pardon me, I drizzled Indian Marsala on top to add some extra flavor. Perfectto!




There’s a Cantonese-South Asian counter for you to choose your favourite ingredients and soup base for a bowl of personalized noodles or soup. Raw fish all available to be steamed upon request. My friend steamed a large yellow croaker (pictured above), drawing a lot of jealousy and saliva. I asked for a bowl of fresh veggies in Malay-Chinese laksa (second right of the below picture). They used very rich paste for the soup base, and I ordered twice yet again.


Another surprise is the Hainanese boneless chicken with ginger rice (top left of the above photo) is well-executed — continuously steamed in a metal bowl of steamy water, the rice is aromatic while the chicken pieces keep their succulency, their yellow fats semi-jelly.


For the seafood bar, oysters is apparently the center of attention, but not as fresh as I expected. I therefore turned to small lobsters(rich in eggs—super meaty!), and salmon sashimi (captured below). I asked the chef to choose only the fatty belly part —- you can’t imagine how great it is for the fats full of omega 3 melting on my tongue!

12914878_798383566958922_1899634741_o (1)

To bring this marathon of feast to an end you must feed your sweet tooth with hot and melty chocolate pudding (second of the below picture) and Movenpick icecream. Other desserts are delight to your eyes but not as good in the mouth.

12915080_798389196958359_1787763175_o (1)


The choco pudding is so rich and similar as that of a lava cake. For the icecream, there are 4 flavours to choose from and I would highly recommend caramel with tiramisu on a scone. Color is dull but it just-right sweetness and combination of the tiramisu, guapa and caramel bring you to paradise.

Limoncello was served alongside coffee or tea in the end. The yellow liquid was as pungent as usual (pardon my rudeness), but the tea and coffee were beautifully served. My friends ordered osmanthus tea. A petite glass jar of Beerenberg honey from Australia was given for that. The night ended with cheerful gossip, mindless yet relaxing.

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