About LmythL

This is a food and travel blog started by Violetta Wong. I started blogging about food some years back. I was 200 pounds throughout my highschool life and I deem my fats as a certification of my love towards eating.

I also do travel blogs as well, but as currently based in Hong Kong, I now brag-blog more about things going on here, especially about what goes into your stomach \^o^/ .

Since March 2016, lmythl.com has become a brag-blog union for a small village of bloggers writing mainly about restaurants and gourmet, cheap and pricey, English and Chinese.

My aim is to let expatriates experience Hong Kong from locals’ perspective and introduce locals about foreign cultures. This is why I will use both languages here. Very hard to balance as I need to write a blog twice. However, it will pay off.


Since April, 2016 I will be serving doses of relatively informative quality reviews here (mainly by me in English, while my blogging besties are joining later), but I have been seriously active on Instagram for some time.


Welcome to my IG at foodstyle.travel for some shots of foodporn!


Violetta Wong

For collaboration, please give me a shout at info@lmythl.com